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What Kind Of Corporate Legal Services Does Your Firm Provide In South Florida? Lawyer, Coral Gables CityIn this article, you will discover:

  • Legal services provided by the firm
  • Why one might need a corporate lawyer
  • Why one should choose this corporate law firm in Florida

Our firm assists its clients with a variety of things. We will help with contract disputes, preparation of contracts, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, dissolutions of corporations, formation of corporations, sale of corporate assets, sale and acquisitions of corporations, and foreign corporate entities formation.

Many of our clients would like to remain anonymous, but Florida is not a state that provides for anonymity. There is what is called the Sunshine Law in Florida, meaning everything has to be out in the sunshine or light. That is not the case in all states though. In these cases, we might open up a Florida corporation that is managed by a Delaware limited liability company.

Why Would We Need A Miami-Dade Corporate Lawyer?

You need a corporate lawyer anytime that you are preparing to undertake a project where there is a significant investment involved or there are multiple parties involved. For instance, if you are opening up an LLC with others involved, you will need an operating agreement and a shareholder’s agreement, along with stating the rights of the corporation and the rights of the individuals. If you hire a corporate lawyer to assist in creating these documents, then you will have a game plan in the future if a problem arises. Those documents will help you resolve the problem and understand who is responsible for it.

I Need A Good Corporate Lawyer. Why Should I Engage Your South Florida Corporate Law Firm?

We pride ourselves on personalized professionalism, and we tailor our representation to your individual needs. When you work with Mancebo Law, you become part of the family and not just a number. You will not receive this personalized service from a lot of larger firms. We are a boutique firm, so it is very personalized and tailored to you.

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