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Since its inception, Mancebo Law has handled virtually every type of real estate and business transaction, representing buyers, sellers, developers and lenders of all types and sizes.

This extensive experience provides our attorney a keen understanding of the real estate industry and the issues it faces in today’s increasingly complex business environment.

Our Capabilities Include:

Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate TransactionsWe routinely represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions including:

  • Office, industrial and retail properties
  • Apartment and condominium projects
  • Multi-family and single family residential properties
  • Commercial leasing

Real Estate And Financing

Real Estate And Financing

Real estate developers of varying sizes and levels of sophistication have chosen us to represent them in the myriad of issues involved in the acquisition, development and financing of real estate projects.

We have prepared governing documents for many mandatory homeowners’ associations, condominiums and country clubs as well.

Lender Representation

Given our background working with small and large institutional lenders, Mancebo Law has the capacity to counsel lenders, both large and small, on a wide array of real estate projects including:

Lender Representation

  • Acquisition, construction and permanent financing
  • Restructurings and work-outs
  • Lender liability

Leasing Issues

We represent both landlords and tenants in leasing transactions involving all types of commercial properties, including:

Leasing Issues

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Multi-use properties
  • Raw land

Loan Workouts

We have also successfully represented numerous developers and property owners when a loan restructuring or workout was the best strategy.

Title Insurance

As a component of our Real Estate practice, we routinely examine title insurance commitments and title reports on behalf of our clients. We have extensive experience in clearing title and evaluating title insurance risks.

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