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If you are ready to separate from your spouse in Collier County Florida, but do not want to go through a long, expensive, and stressful, court battle, Mancebo Law And Title can help you get a quick, affordable, and straightforward, uncontested divorce. 

Is your marriage stifling you like the crushing weight of a Burmese python? Do you feel like it is harder to get rid of than Collier County’s invasive snakes? Well, despite how the media loves to portray divorce, untying the knot does not need to be painful, lengthy or expensive.

Florida attorney Guillermo Mancebo focuses his family law practice almost exclusively on uncontested divorces. These straightforward procedures do not make for good television, but they do make for an affordable, relatively straightforward, and much, much quicker divorce.

By working with an experienced attorney, a couple can decide, mutually, to separate, and as long as they can agree on the terms, the actual procedure for getting such an uncontested divorce becomes simple, saving you time, effort, stress, and considerable sums in attorney’s fees.

How Can I Get An Uncontested Divorce In Collier County, Florida?

No matter what kind of divorce you get, a certain number of things need to be decided on. How your assets and property will be split, who will have custody over any children, what the visitation rules will be for the other, and so forth.

In Florida, there are two ways such decisions can be made. In the stereotypical contested divorce, you and your lawyer will fight your spouse and their lawyer over some or all of them in front of a Collier County family law judge, who will then make a final decision. In an uncontested divorce, however, you make all the decisions together by agreement with your spouse and then get a judge to sign off on it.

Now most lawyers might prefer the contested version because they stand to gain considerably more in fees, but not Guillermo Mancebo. He believes the law exists to serve, and should be efficient, effective, and straightforward, which is exactly what you get with an uncontested divorce.

Why Is An Uncontested Divorce Cheaper?

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While the media loves to show former spouses fighting over who gets to keep a home, property, or other asset, the truth is, in the vast majority of cases, both spouses will end up with a roughly even and equitable split.

The real expense of a divorce comes from how much they will fight over that split. Every hour spent in negotiation, mediation, hearings, and court means more money spent on a lawyer’s time. This money could be better spent rebuilding your life, and you save all, or most, of it by getting an uncontested divorce.

By agreeing on the terms of divorce ahead of time, you can cut straight to the drafting, or just the review, of your divorce and minimize court appearances to one or less if you get everything right (with only minimal help from an attorney like Guillermo Mancebo).

How Long Does An Uncontested Divorce Take In Collier County?

Contested divorces are long, drawn-out pitched battles between couples and their lawyers, fought in negotiation chambers or in front of judges. They can take anywhere from half a year to two…or more, depending on how deep the struggle goes.

An uncontested divorce, on the other hand, can be a matter of mere months and was even faster before the Pandemic slowed everything down. After all, the longest part is usually just waiting for approval from the judge after sending the signed agreement.

If you made a mistake in your agreement or failed to take into account one or more laws, that can slow the process down. This is easy to avoid, however, by working with an experienced family law divorce attorney like Guillermo Mancebo.

Do I Need An Attorney To Get An Uncontested Divorce?

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Uncontested divorces are so simple and straightforward that you might be tempted to skip the lawyer entirely and handle it all yourselves. This is entirely possible, but not always advisable. There are a number of advantages of working with a family law attorney on your uncontested divorce in Florida.

First, the cost savings and time-saving aspects of the uncontested divorce start to erode if you make mistakes. The judge might send back your agreement, refuse to sign it, and require one or more rounds of modifications. This will almost never happen if you have had your agreement reviewed by an experienced attorney, less still if they helped you prepare it.

Even reaching a divorce agreement can be difficult, however, as you find yourself embroiled in the same kinds of arguments over details that send some couples down the path toward a contested divorce. However, a skilled family law attorney can help you work together as a mediator and a negotiator.

An attorney like Guillermo Mancebo can not only make sure you reach an agreement both you and your soon-to-be former spouse agree on but also that you understand everything you sign and that your interests and priorities are protected in the final agreement.

Call A Collier County Family Law Attorney When You Are Ready To Divorce

Mancebo Law And Title provides Collier County couples with efficient, affordable, and clear, uncontested divorces.

Do not let your marriage fester like Collier County’s invasive snakes. It is time to cut the head of that particular snake with a clean, efficient, affordable, uncontested divorce.

Call Guillermo Mancebo at (305) 363-6066 to take the first step towards the rest of your life and ensure that your divorce will not be a drag for years to come but a launchpad to a whole new chapter.

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