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If you find yourself gearing up for a divorce, help is available. Although it can be challenging to process the end of a relationship, having a dedicated family law attorney can make the process much easier.

Mancebo Law & Title has served Miami Dade County, FL, for 14 years. Headed by Attorney Guillermo Mancebo, our firm has experience in real estate law, title services, and family law. We take pride in assisting our clients during the most troubling times. Our dedication to our community means you can rest assured we will do everything possible to handle your family law case quickly and efficiently.

With an unwavering commitment to streamlining the uncontested divorce process, Mancebo Law & Title is the premier choice for family law services in the Miami-Dade County, FL area. We’re passionate about reaching amicable settlements that benefit all parties involved because we understand how important family is.

What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

Family Law Attorney, Miami Dade County, FL

Couples often conclude that a divorce is the best decision for them. They may seek mediation before filing for divorce, but the divorce is a process all on its own. When two parties have agreed upon the terms of the divorce, the result is what is called an uncontested divorce.

Neither party fights over property, child support, or post-nuptial agreements in this circumstance. While most times uncontested divorces are amicable, it is essential to keep in mind that the dissolution of marriage can still yield high emotional times. A family law attorney can compassionately yet diplomatically help couples navigate the process.

Why Do You Need A Family Law Attorney If The Divorce Is Amicable?

The best case scenario in a divorce is the division of assets and agreed-upon terms in which both parties are satisfied. A family law attorney will ensure the documents are correct before submitting them to the court. They will also guarantee the timeliness of document submission. It would be best to have an efficient family law attorney to help guide you through the process and advise on adhering to the correct protocol.

In other instances, although an uncontested divorce may have agreeable terms for both parties, emotions can still be high. It’s advantageous for both parties to have an intermediary whose sole purpose is to keep the end goal in mind: a legal dissolution of the marriage.

A reputable and discreet family law firm like Mancebo Law & Title will be able to keep the progress of your case on track consistently. While family law cases are not entirely without interruptions, our firm likes to minimize distractions. This unyielding attention results from serving the Miami-Dade County, FL area. We operate in a diverse city, and our experience has taught us the true meaning and importance of diligence and focus.

Will An Uncontested Divorce Cost You Less Than A Contested Divorce?

Family Law Attorney, Miami Dade County, FL

Any case that goes through the court system will have associated court filing fees. Typically, contested divorces have such high costs because each party has separate legal representatives and is essentially pleading their case in court to receive a judgment in their favor.

Uncontested divorces will be more affordable because everything is agreed upon. There aren’t two sides arguing about things. If you have reached a settlement agreement, you or your legal representative can submit it, and you don’t have to go through a trial to decide who gets what. Avoiding arguing in court makes for a much faster resolution.

You and the other party may be fine submitting all your paperwork by yourselves, but you would like us to draft an agreement for you. We can draft it and submit it, or draft it and you submit it. Either way, going to court is avoided, dramatically cutting costs and time.

Mancebo Law & Title: Dedicated To Our Miami Dade County, FL Community

Are you ready to file your uncontested divorce? Contact our family law attorney today.

With more than a decade of service to the Miami-Dade County, FL community, Attorney Guillermo Mancebo has placed integrity and understanding at the heart of Mancebo Law & Title. Our commitment to you and your family during a difficult time can help you reach the solution you deserve.

If you are ready to take the next step, call Mancebo Law & Title at (305) 363-6066 to schedule a consultation.

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