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How Is A Homeowners’ Association Or A Condo Association Formed In Florida And Can Your Firm Assist In Forming HOA Or Condominium Associations In Miami-Dade County? Lawyer, Coral Gables CityIn this article, you will discover:

  • How a lawyer helps in forming an HOA/CA in Florida

The HOA is usually established at the time that the community is developed. At that point, the declaration of restricted covenants is recorded, subjecting the land to these restricted covenants. Within those restricted covenants, the governing entity is identified. We could definitely assist a developer in drafting and recording restricted covenants against the land and submitting it to a homeowner association.

Condominium Associations are formed differently. They might be formed in one of two ways. Like an HOA, it might be started at the point of development. The other way is when an existing building becomes a condominium conversion. At that point, you prepare the declaration and submit it to the CA. We can also assist with either of these cases.

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