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Why Don’t We Start Out First With Talking About Some Of The Common Hidden Title Problems That Could Hold Up A Real Estate Deal? Lawyer, Coral Gables CityIn this article, you will discover:

  • How a lawyer can assist with getting a clear title on property

Some of the hidden title problems that could hold up a real estate deal are code violations that come up on the property, open permits, and expired permits. Other issues might include different types of liens on the property, ongoing litigation involving the individual, or an individual’s death.

What Can Or Does Your Firm Do To Assist With Ensuring There’s A Clear Title, Any Other Title Services That Are Needed Before Closing?

As lawyers and title agents for our clients, we do the due diligence for them. We review the title and make sure that the buyer has an insurable title. We might need to become involved if there are issues that need to be cleared in order to insure the title. If we are representing the seller, there might be additional steps to take to clear the title, and we assist with those. Most issues with the title are seller-centric, so we work with them to make sure the title is clean and insurable.

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